10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Email Marketing

by Adella Pasos July 02, 2018

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Email Marketing

If your company is not making use of email marketing strategy, you are missing out. According to the report given by Radicati, as at 2013, there are more than 3.6 billion email accounts. With such huge audience, marketers have the ability to reach larger audience whenever they desire. Below are 10 compelling reasons why you need email marketing.

1. Large Audience

As earlier mentioned, email has a larger user base and more than 90% of the users check their email on daily basis which provide a good opportunity for you to interact with your customers in real time. People are using search engines to find information. Everyday, they are using social media to fill in optin forms to gain more information from your brand. You need email marketing to take advantage of this huge number of audience by asking your customers as well as clients to subscribe to your email list.

2. Impressive ROI

One of the major reasons why email marketing should be used over the traditional marketing is the return on the investment. Digital marketing strategies are changing everyday, but according to direct marketing association, the ROI of email marketing is 4,300%.  With this kind of steady return on investment, you’ll have more money to reinvest in brand awareness campaigns to gain more potential customers. According to ExtractTarget, for every $1 spent, the ROI of email marketing is $44.25. This compelling statistics shows that you need email marketing and it is worth every penny.

3. Measurable

One of the amazing things about email marketing platforms is their ability to track various kinds of analytics. Many platforms like Aweber, allow you to easily segment your audiences. From the number of opens as well as clicks to the link which received the highest number of clicks and those that share on social media platforms such as Facebook, email marketing would provide an insight into the success of your email. Whenever you send direct mail to customers, you’ll have the opportunity to drive sales and grow your business. Business owners need to pay special attention to conversion rates. If your offers are not converting, you’ll need to take notes and switch up your game plan. Pay attention to your customer acquisition costs when launching a new email campaign. With google analytics and Aweber analytics you can now track the success of each and ever email that goes out to the list. Having this kind of insight will help you create a successful email marketing campaign.


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4. Customizable

Nowadays, email marketing platforms provide highly-customized options in terms of layout and design. The importance of email marketing as a marketing tactic is crucial to your online success. Whenever you have development experience and want to customize your own but have little development experience, you’ll be able to create a highly customizable template. If you intend on using email marketing for lead generation purposes, getting started with marketing automation is easy. All of Aweber’s templates are super customizable to help you build customer relationships.


5. Wide Reach

Email marketing would also allow you to send your newsletters as well as company updated to different environment for the same price within a short duration. When you are using direct mail, you will have to pay more money based on the location. However, with the aid of email marketing, you can send a blast to clients at various locations at the same time.You can send a billion email at once with bulk email service. This kind of marketing allows you to make many touch points internationally and boost sales.


6. Drive Traffic

Your website serves as your digital storefront and because of this; you should be trying possible means to drive traffic to it. You need email marketing to enhance essential call to actions and driving traffic back to your website. Also, as earlier mentioned, you can check the number of site visitors on daily basis from email alone through google analytics, so you can manage your level of progress and effectiveness.




7. Real-Time Interaction

If you have any information which you want to share, you will be able to send it across to your customers easily. Also if your site is undergoing maintenance, sending an email to your client is a good way to keep them assured you will be back online within a stipulated period of time.


8. Social Sharing

Another way through which content marketers can reach new people and also interact with their customers is with the aid of social media. One of the benefits of email marketing is the direct connection with social media. Social sharing buttons and social follow buttons can be placed on your email so that your customers can share the content with their Facebook followers or decide to follow your account for latest updates.


9. Test Marketing Messages

If you are not sure of what to call a new marketing campaign, email marketing offers the perfect opportunity to test your marketing message. With the aid of email you can easily segment your list and send half of your list with a subject line and the other one with another. You can then measure your result so as to see the one that perform best.


10. Build Relationships


Email marketing is also good for building and also maintaining relationships with clients, customers as well as prospects. With the ability to nurture your leads, comes greater flexibility. Email marketing allows for immediate personalization and can easily connect with your customer at the right time.


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