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by Adella Pasos June 29, 2018
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5 Things Your Customers Need to Hear You Say

As a business person, there are some magic words your customers wants to be hearing from you and your staff always. Ensure your employees understand the importance of these magic words, and inspire them to use these words periodically when and where necessary in your organization.

Failure to use these magic words can discourage them from buying from you.  In this article, we are going to reflect on 5 of those words. You will be losing a lot of customer base if you and your employees neglect to say these magic words. Below are the keywords:

How can I help you?

By asking customers how you can help them, you will begin a discussion with them on a positive note- you will get to know what they really need, and why they need it. This will help you to provide them quality service at all times.

No matter how good your products and services are, if it is not what your customers need, you will not sell. You are also expected to say this in a language your customers will understand. Every customer is looking for solutions, and if you can guarantee that you are a solution provider, you will keep getting patronage from them.

I don’t know, but I will find out

When a customer confronts you with a truly difficult question that requires huge research on the part of your team. All you need to do is to admit it, by telling them that you don’t really know, but you will find out. This will help the customer understand that “customer focus” is your top priority and you want them to be happy.

Telling them that you will find out shows you are a professional, and that you have the capacity to provide the needed solution. Please don’t try to answer questions you don’t have the answers to, because it will ruin your credibility and professionalism in your field. If you do so, your customers will be liable to think you are not serious.


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I will take responsibility for this

Let your customers know that you are truly aware it is your responsibility to provide solutions or guarantee a satisfactory outcome to their needs. Reassure them that you know exactly what they want, and promise them you will deliver it at agreed time. If necessary, also let them know that they won’t be required to pay extra fee for the transaction or services you are offering them.


Thank you for doing business with us

Every customer wants to be appreciated, even the person that is buying the smallest item in your store. Make them feel appreciated. Your appreciation should be said with a sincere smile; a good smile attracts continuous friendship and continuous business patronage.

Appreciating your customer goes beyond saying thank you after every purchase.  It involves so much more such as follow-up calls, being available to answer their series of questions, ensuring everything is performing at an optimal level, and assuring the customer that you have the capacity to solve all their problems promptly, and clearly any time any day.

Neglecting to abide by these rules will give the customer the impression that you are only interested in them until they make their purchase. This is not good for customer service, because the customer will be feeling used and deceived, and they may go ahead to create negative advertising for your business. Appreciating your customers sincerely from your heart leads to repeat sales and referrals.



I will stay in touch with you

Every customer wants to associate with businesses that leave a forwarding address. This is a top notch customer focus strategy. If the customer buys the item from your ecommerce shop, make sure you include every valuable information they will need.  Information about your website, social media accounts, newsletter etc. Try to encourage them to leave their emails, and promise them you will be sending them quality messages regarding your products and services.

In fact if customers know that you will stay in touch with them even after making their purchase, it will simply give them the impression that you are real, and that you are ever ready to handle their needs. Every customer wants you to show them you are available to handle their concerns with professional finesse. Please never give them any reason to doubt your capacity.


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