5 Ways to Cut Loose from Old Sales Strategies

by Adella Pasos June 25, 2018
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5 Ways to Cut Loose from Old Sales Strategies

Regardless of what product or service you’re selling, you need effective sales strategies. Using outdated sales skills fail to address many core issues we have in brining in more revenue to the business. You are going to need to use some successful sales strategy to get you where you need to be. Unless we think about how we are selling and exactly what we are doing, we’ll go on struggling with the same counterproductive sales behaviors. Consequently, we’ll continue believing that we’re always just one new sales technique or marketing tool away from the breakthrough we’re looking for.

New Sales Thinking = New Sales Results

So now, its time to take a different approach. Start analyzing our sales process and dissect every piece of it. Go over these instructions with your sales rep so they can start increasing sales right away. We need to identify why we aren’t making MORE sales. How would your selling behaviors chance if you simply changed your sales thinking? Do you know how your customers want to be sold to? Why arn’t you using effective sales strategies? Do they want a more personal touch? Should you be scheduling demos or meetings first? Do they need some supporting evidence before making a decision? Have you qualified them first?

Old Sales Thinking Vs New Sales Thinking

1.  The old way says, “start out with strong sales pitch” vs.. the new way “start a conversation”.

2. Old mindset: “close the sale no matter what” vs “discover whether you and your prospect are a good fit”.

3. Old mindset ” the sale is lost, the sales process is over” vs ” thanks so much for your time, can we keep you in mind for upcoming opportunities or new product / services that maybe a better fit?”

4. Old mindset: “when prospects say no, pressure them by defending yourself and re-explaining its value.” vs ” when prospects object, validate why they feel that way and re-open the conversation”.


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Here are my best recommendations for your sales team: 

 Stop the sales pitch. Start a conversation.

When you call someone, never start out with a mini-presentation about yourself, your company and what you have to offer. Instead, start with a conversational phrase that focuses on a specific problem that your product or service solves. For example, you might say, “I’m just calling to see if you are open to some different ideas related to reducing downtime across your computer network?” So if you notice, you are not pitching a solution with this. You are addressing a known problem, that based on your experience in this field is pretty prevalent and related to your prospect’s business.

Having a customer profile ready is key to effective sales. Knowing who you are talking to and how they will benefit will allow you to close deals faster. Having open conversations with your sales team on strategies to close deals and value proposition will allow you to obtain your ideal customers. Top sales people make it their priority to seek customer stories and grow your business with a sense of urgency. Implementing sales training is the key to business success.


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Discover if you and the prospect are a good fit. 

If you need to close the sale or get the appointment booked, start pre-qualifying people. It’s your responsibility  to move the sales process forward.  Start asking qualifying questions like “Have you ever experienced xyz? “How often does that happen to you? “When this happens, how does it make you feel?  “What kind of results is that yielding for you?” “Does this frequently happen?”. Make your product or service fit based upon their answers. You have to make them feel like they do qualify to buy what you are offering or else, they’ll automatically say, “Ah, no thanks, this isn’t for me”, without giving you the time of day. Are you on the phone with the decision makers? You can shorten your sales cycle by simply talking to the right person.

By simply focusing on the prospect’s problems and connecting it to the product / service you offer, the prospect will literally give you the direction you need.  Don’t forget you can automate the prospecting process with email marketing. This will give you a competitive advantage to free up your time for additional cold calling or sales calls.  A quick business tip would be to send out a brief survey for the client to take that qualifies and scores them for your products and services. This is one of many proven sales strategies for business success.


When the sale is lost, it is NOT the end of the sales process. 

Keep these prospects in your pipeline. Always ask if it is ok if we keep you on our list for future consideration. You’d be surprised at how many prospects say yes. They may not need your products or services now, but may need you in 3-6month or at a later time. Continue to nurture them every month with helpful tips or advice that can help their business. Be sure to followup at a later date to reengage and discover interest.

Remember to use good sales language. Don’t say things like “We have a solution that you really really need!!”.  Prove to them why they should even listen. Say, “other’s in your industry have bought our solution for xyz problem, you should consider it as well”. Traditional sales language can lead prospects to think you are just another “salesperson”. That makes it impossible for them to relate to you. Get their permission, simply ask your prospects if they’d be open to connecting again at a certain time, so you don’t have to play phone tag.


Stop defending yourself.

Don’t defend your products or services value. Your job isn’t to get into a match on the phone with the prospect. Trying extra hard to convince them only creates sales pressure. Ask them about these problems they need to solve and qualify them. Then you two together will explore products or services that may help them solve those problems. Let them feel its their choice to pick without being sold.

I hope this makes a big impact on the way your organization does business. If and when it does, let me know!


How important is it to you, to resolve your Sales problem?


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