7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Web Hosting

by Adella Pasos June 29, 2018
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7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Web Hosting

Having a professional website is a necessity for all businesses- most people will never take you serious if you are running a business without a professional website. Your website needs to be hosted by a reliable web hosting provider.

Using a reliable web hosting provider will help to create and build your online presence. It will ensure your website is secure from any form of cyber-attacks, and makes your site accessible to your visitors.

If you browse through the internet, you will discover that there are so many web hosting providers. Thus, before you make your choice, here are 7 answers to the most frequently asked questions about web hosting you should know:

1.What is web hosting?

If you buy a web host, it means you are buying a storage space for your site, which will host your contents such as website content writing, videos, audios, images, texts, PDF documents etc. All these will be stored securely, owned and managed by the web hosting provider.

Before you register this space for your business, you must have a domain name, and a block of space which will enable you to store and upload your web pages to become hosted by the web hosting company. Once your website is hosted, it will be seen by any visitor with an internet access.

2. What are the services of web hosting companies?

Web hosting companies offers multiple services to their clients. It is important to know that their jobs are not just to sell spaces on their servers- they provide other services such as email hosting services, domain name registration, SSL certificates, content management system, set up for forums, ecommerce features, social networking integration, guest books, etc..

Most web hosting companies comes with advanced infrastructures like cloud and dedicated servers for their customers. A professional and reliable web hosting company offers advanced service options like scripting support, email services, database storage, 24/7 technical support and lots more.

3. Types of web server hosting

Do we have one type of web hosting company? Or are there different types? Well, there are different types of web hosting services, which cater for different business needs. As a business owner, you have the flexibility to migrate to a better option as your business and site grows.

Shared Server hosting

Most small businesses sincerely desire to have a reliable web presence, but they don’t have the budget to purchase expensive server systems, so the best option for them is to share resources. It is cost-effective to buy a cheap web host, and this means you will be sharing it with other web masters. Keep in mind that this type of web hosting option maybe ideal for static websites or personal websites with limited interactive features.

Dedicated Server hosting

This allows your business to have a wholly connectivity and dedicated server for your site from a web hosting. Unlike shared hosting, you won’t be affected by other websites; you have the flexibility to choose your personalized settings, customize software, operating system for all your ecommerce and multimedia requirements. With this option, be assured of getting an advanced server control. Dedicated servers are popular with ecommerce sites or high traffic sites.

Cloud server hosting

This is a cost-effective web hosting option. Unlike the two we discussed above- dedicated server or shared hosting is done through several servers. This option is more stable due to higher security features and load balancing of different servers. In cloud hosting server, you will be charged based on your usage and according to the volume of traffic on your website.


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4. What are the benefits of shared hosting?

This is the best option for beginners that are just starting their online business; it has an easy set up process, and your host is saddled with the responsibility of handling more complex tasks. If you choose shared hosting, you will surely enjoy many benefits such as cost savings, you can upgrade your host to a higher package, you don’t require any technical skills, and lots more.

5. Are there demerits of using a shared hosting plan?

This is the perfect option for all types of websites. Although, it is cheap, easy to manage with high uptime, but it has some demerits like the loading speed may not be as expected, it may be much more slower than dedicated server plans, and there is a possibility that your site may be affected by others. If you experience high traffic, you may experience a lag in your website’s performance.

6. Why some users opt for dedicated server hosting options

Using a dedicated server hosting plan guarantees peace of mind- you will have the option of selecting your operating system, customize software, and personalized settings for your multimedia needs. When you are using this option, be assured of exercising an advanced control of your website. This is the best option for sites with high traffic.

7. What is unique about cloud server hosting?

This is another cheap, easy to manage and highly affordable web hosting plan. With it, you will be charged based on the number of traffic your site generates.


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