7 Simple Secrets to Delivering Value with Your Marketing Promotions

by Adella Pasos June 29, 2018
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7 Simple Secrets to Delivering Value with Your Marketing Promotions

Marketers have so many options when it comes to building successful marketing campaigns. Where and how to promote their products and services depends strongly on their capacity to do the right thing effectively.

We are living in a social-media-driven world. Businesses deliver value to their customers through multiple channels like direct marketing, print advertising, mobile marketing, web-based advertising, email marketing and series of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and lots more.

Many businesses have over the years learnt the hard way of what works, and what is not working. Here are 7 simple secrets to deliver value with your marketing promotions. Amazingly, each of these marketing promotions has worked well for countless organizations.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Treat your customers like kings and queens, whether you are in the service industry or not; it is a myth to believe that it is only those in the service niche that should provide legendary customer service. Please keep in mind that every customer deserves to be served with high level of professionalism.

More than 75% of customers have confirmed over the years that they consider quality customer service as a true assessment of an organization’s competence. Having a remarkable customer support is a great marketing promotion you should optimize today.

Fix Problems as fast as you can. Customers expect you to fix problems faster- if they have with a single unresolved bad experience, it can make them to write off your brands. Negative feedbacks spread like wildfire through word of mouth and social media.

The best thing to do is to be on top of your game; you can do this by going extra mile. Always accept mistakes whether you are the cause of it or not. Customers celebrate and patronize businesses that own up their mistakes and take proactive steps to correct them.

Be truthful about what you sell

Honesty should be your watchword at all times; your customers deserve to know the truth. Tell them when you will deliver the products or services and try as much as you can to deliver them in due date. Please don’t lie to your customers for any reason; doing this will achieve a negative feedback for your business, but honest with your dealings with them will increase repeat sales and quality referrals.


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Continue to reinvent your company

One of the strongest marketing promotions for your business is to keep on reinventing your company, and this can be effectively, proactively be done by introducing new solutions, products and processes. Always come up with something new- encourage your employees to come up with great ideas that will take your business to the next level of excellence. All these activities will help your business to be unique, achieve results and stand out from the competition.

Give back to the society

Your business can never go wrong by embracing quality corporate social responsibility- some businesses may argue that the main work of a business is to take care of their stakeholders like owners, employees and customers. Although, this is good, but it is not always the case, your business should learn how to give back to the society.

  It is a reliable marketing promotion that will boost the visibility of your business. Quality corporate social responsibility programs will help your business to stay in the minds and hearts of your customers, bring in more revenues and enhances goodwill.

Start a blog

The benefits of blogging can never be overemphasized, and many forward looking organizations are maximizing the benefits. If you are looking for fresh ways of getting into the minds and hearts of your customers, then get involved with corporate blogging.

Feel free to write the contents by yourself or engage the services of a ghostwriter. You can even encourage your employees to contribute periodically. Please ensure you share high quality contents in your blogs, and keep in mind that purely self or business promotional text will drive your readers away, while educational, inspiring, and insightful contents will keep them.

Offer a Guarantee

Offering a guarantee to your customers is a reliable marketing promotion strategy. When you offer a guarantee, make sure you adhere strictly to it. This will give them impression that you truly care about their wellbeing. Offering a guarantee is one of the greatest ways of standing out from the pool of competitors.

Ensure your marketing team is working in line with your vision

Make sure your marketing agencies are working in synchronization with the current marketing requirements- they should be on the same page with you. More so, if you are engaging the services of a different marketing agency, then make sure you have someone in-house who will be coordinating and monitoring their efforts- this will ensure your branding has a consistent feel and look across channels.

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