Branding on a Budget: 10 Top Tools for Startups

by Adella Pasos June 22, 2018
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Branding on a Budget: 10 Top Tools for Startups

The success or failure of any business depends on so many factors. That includes how you market your business effectively to the right audience. These top tools for startups will include tools that help you  track your marketing activities, your finances and producing top notch customer service experience. Get your startup to the next level and with this you will achieve more with a considerable limited budget.


In every startup, there should be effective communication between the team; communicating effectively and efficiently with each other will help them to achieve the set organization’s goals. Slack is well known as a vital project management communication tool. Slack is reliable, credible and could achieve great results in this 21st century civilization. With this mobile friendly software, team members can happily stay connected with each other.

As one of the top tools for startups,  a team leader can create small groups working on a particular project and send direct message to them periodically. Through this platform, team members can share messages and files with each other.


This is a great tool for every startup founder. It streamlines management, coordination, data storage and communication in a proficient manner. It is ideal for every business due to its low pricing option, and it can migrate emails from other startup tools like Microsoft exchange or IBM notes, so that you won’t be able to lose your previous communications.

Office 365

This software is essential for every startup. Among other things, it covers publishing needs, contact management, spreadsheet, presentation, database, basic word processing and lots more. All these are features every company must have. Office 365 is a great tool. Using it will give you the privilege of connecting, and sharing data files or documents with other companies. Office 365 is one of the best tools for startups. It is extremely difficult to think of how businesses will improve without using this prominent tool.


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Google analytics

Marketing is an essential thing that will generate sales and leads; Google analytics is a great marketing campaign you should never ignore. It helps you to track your website visitors as well as knowing the relevant keywords that brought them to your site and seeing the web page they were before coming to your site and making a purchase. If you know this, you can now get more results by focusing your ad campaigns on those keywords. Google analytics is great for checking your landing pages results and online marketing performance.


Buffer gives you the privilege of using social media platforms to grow your business. It’s an essential tool to use in your marketing strategy. You will coordinate various pieces of content marketing through your social media channels. You can get your message out to your  target audience with relevant features like RSS feed integration and content scheduling. They have a free version and paid versions to help increase your efficiency and website traffic. Buffer is one of the top automation tool for startups.


This tool is similar to Buffer- it helps a startup to get quality information about its social media outreach strategies. One thing that makes Hootsuite extremely different from other tools is that it gives you a wide range of options to tracking mentions and messages about your brand. It allows you to quickly appreciate positive comments or to defend your brand’s reputation by responding to negative statements. Hootsuite is one of the best marketing tools for startups.


You can never go wrong with email marketing; in fact, it is one of the valuable tools that will help increase your lead capture for your startup. Currently more than 15 million people are using it to do business. When you are using this tool, you can do ab tests and use their easy email design tools. Get beautiful designs and campaign management tools. Aweber email marketing comes at a good pricing option and this is why many startups like this tool. You can start by creating a free account which will enable you to get setup fast. That makes this one of the top tools for startups.

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Drop box

This is an online storage location for all those working in a specific project. If you want to ensure that all data files, videos, images and documents are available all the time for team members involved in the project, then you will need to use this great tool. Team members will have the option of having access to the data from anywhere in the world- this is also mobile-friendly.


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