Don’t Make This Silly Mistake when you Start a Business Online

by Adella Pasos June 29, 2018
start a business online

Don’t Make This Silly Mistake when You Start a Business Online

Starting a business online is one of the most innovative and awesome things that could happen to you- it would be another great way of getting extra income, and building your brand. Below are some of silly mistakes you shouldn’t make with your start a business online:

Don’t fail to invest in yourself

The greatest thing you should spend money on is by investing hugely in your leadership capital; many businesses collapse due to lack of leadership deficiency. Any investments you make in yourself always pay the best interest. This is an investment that will generate huge dividends.


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Never forget to get a good website

You can never go wrong by creating a good website. In creating a website, ensure you invest quality time in getting a user-friendly website. Let a professional web hosting service provider to host your website, buy domain and let a good web designer to give you an amazing website.

Don’t forget to build an email list right from day one

Internet marketers know that the benefits of having an email list are multiple; it guarantees lead generation. In your website, try to have an opt-in button where visitors can add their email address, and promise to offer them something of value in return, and try to honor this commitment.

Don’t make mistakes with your search engine optimization

Start a business online is one thing, and letting search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to get to know about it is another thing. Create quality contents. Search for keywords your visitors are looking for on a daily basis, and then develop your contents based on those keywords.

Attend relevant conferences and meet-up sessions

As an online business owner, you will see that there are conferences and meet-ups available to attend. don’t just attend to all of them, always ask yourself first why you need to attend those events and how those events will benefit your work. Be selective and know in clear terms what you will get out from it. If your reasons for planning to attend it will not be for your overall business interest or personal development, then you are advised never to attend it.

Don’t forget to stay healthy and active

Doing start a business online requires eating the right foods, staying healthy and active. You need to be healthy to engage in this journey. Never be a lazy business owner, who claims that they don’t have time to do exercise regularly. Even if that is the case, you can still do something, you should at least learn how to eat well- eating well can help you to reduce stress, live healthier and active.

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Don’t forget to position yourself right

Before you engage in start a business online, one of the questios you should ask is who is your target audience, what does your competitors do to get their attention. What does a big competitor does to remain ahead of others. Know what your target market wants, and then position your business in such a way that it would be extremely useful to them.

Never undercharge your services

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs make. Some of them don’t know how to package their services. To stay on the safe side, some of them go to the extent of under pricing their products or services, so that they can get better patronage. This is not good for your business.

It is important to know that the psychology of the buyer doesn’t work this way. Under pricing your service can even make people to be skeptical about buying what you sell. If you feel that what you sell can deliver the needed value and generate return on investments for your clients, then you should be compensated, and buyers must make the investment of buying what you sell.

Don’t get worried about unsubscribe and refunds

Most start business online owners always get angry about refunds and unsubscribe. This is not good; instead you should be happy for the people in your team. It means you are doing business, providing value only to those who needs your service. So, try as much as you can to get focused on working with the right people.


How important is it to you, to start a business online?


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