Responsible for a Website Budget? 12 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money

by Adella Pasos June 22, 2018
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Responsible for a Website Budget? 12 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money

Do you want to create a highly responsive, user-friendly, eye catching website? What’s the cost to building one of these? Then it is important to know that a lot goes into making this possible. Website costs and website designers expertise are on the rise. Consequently, from coding integrity, navigation, appearance, functionality, you have a lot to choose from. Website developers and designers must collaborate to produce a great website design that will be easily located by search engines. Such websites must have the capacity to stimulate conversions and engage visitors. That requires a lot of work. To help your website planning, here are a few business tips and 12 ways to create a budget for your website.

Choose a great domain and host

You really need to choose a memorable domain name for your business. Be sure to include web hosting and domain costs into your website budget. Choose a domain name that reflect your voice and which is really impossible to misspell. If your business is easy to be found online, as a result, you will invariably gain more customers. When you are planning your website budget, it is important you know the nature of your business and website.

Think about the volume of traffic your website will be receiving. Also, think about the volume of presentations, loads of photos and media-rich videos that will be in it. There are many web hosting providers online, I use Bluehost. They are the best with little to no ongoing maintenance. Take time to read reviews from third party websites and check their reputation on social media before finally making up your mind to hit the buy button.

Backend services

You’ll need to create a website budget for a good CMS ( content management system).  If your website doesn’t have a backend service, it will be difficult to track and convert visitors. If you plan on using a custom CMS, you’ll need to include this in your website designing costs.

Create an appealing, attractive design

One of the greatest things you should always remember in the process of your website development is to create a website with an appealing, attractive design. If your website is attractive, it will be easy to read and it will have intuitive navigation. A clean design inspired visitors to return. Make space in your website budget for design. I use 99 designs to create professional website design and branding. They can do custom designed webpages or do a website redesign. The average cost for a basic website design

Effective color scheme

Colors are very important to your business website visitors. Colors evoke different types of emotional responses like frustration, happiness, or calm. If you are undecided on what your color scheme should be. Work with a branding specialist. They will help you consider various elements of color theory, branding that will match your target audience and company’s niche. Regardless of your choice, you won’t regret spending quality time or money to get the best color options for your audience.


Branding is very essential for both small and big businesses. The design and placement of your logo says a lot about your brand. Having a professionally designed logo will attract the attention of your customers. It is important you choose a location that your visitors will see easily, preferably on the upper left corner. This is usually the first place customers usually place their eyes when scanning a website. More so, try and solidify your brand’s identity by using the same logo on branded apparel, print advertising, and packaging. If your business is consistent with the branding, it gives your clients a memorable brand experience. Include branding in the cost of your website.


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Is your website highly functional? Are there broken links or do your site visitors experience loading issues? It is important you look at your website from the user’s perspective and ensure that everything is working perfectly. If the user experiences a functional issue either from the customer feedback, surveys, or contact forms,  it will prompt the user to leave and never return. Make sure you have a website budget that includes development costs.


Are users finding it extremely difficult to navigate your website? Or is it confusing in the literal sense? If any of such happens, your visitors may leave and will never return to use the website again. Your website design budget should include this. Do everything humanly possible to enhance the appeal and efficiency of your site’s navigation. The best way to do this is by engaging in an in-depth review. if you want to help search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing to crawl your site, then all you need to do is to add a site map.


How useable is your website? If your website is easy to use, it will inspire encourage businesses and garner lots of client’s interest. Make your website usable by displaying your products and services in a concise, clear manner. Try as much as possible to ensure your website has all the features that the user will find helpful such as social sharing buttons, subscribing for email newsletter buttons etc- your website layout should encourage all these things.

Call to action

Putting call to action in your website is a viable marketing strategy which inspires your clients to contact you for business. A gentle reminder ‘contact us today’ clearly shows the customer that your company is eager to enter into a business with them. Regardless of the type of communication you are having with your customers on your site, it is important you place a call to action at a strategic point at least once in every page.

An on-site active blog

Your website should have an active blog- this will keep your customers informed about your industry-related information, latest products and events. Update your blog regularly, and featuring your blog on your site is one of the greatest and most innovative ways of connecting with your visitors- it is a great way providing your visitors with engaging, helpful content and showcasing your brand as an industry authority and trusted resource.

Clean, search engine optimization-friendly code

You need to have a clean, search engine optimization friendly code whether you are developing new websites or optimizing existing ones. This can be done by taking awesome time to enhance your site’s code. Doing this will ensure a huge return on investment. Include a small amount of funds for SEO in your website budget.

Integration with social media

You should build your website to be integrated with the social media. This is not just a novelty, but a requirement. Social media provides a platform in which customers can provide feedback, and promote your brand. Visual and written contents such as branded videos and product images are distributed on platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc. This is done through the help of social sharing buttons on your site. Ensure you’ve included this for lead generation and monitor your demand metrics.


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