The Best Ways to Expand Your Business Internationally

by Adella Pasos July 02, 2018
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The Best Ways to Expand Your Business Internationally

The ultimate goal of every business is to operate internationally but this comes with several challenges. Not only will you come across language and culture barrier, but your business model can also change when you carry out international expansion. If you currently have a business partner in your local markets, you’ll need to do major market research before jumping into a new endeavor. For a business to sustain itself on a global scale, it is crucial for it to have business partners as well as members that understand the brand and also have good marketing plans.

When starting international businesses you need to choose the right target market. Taking the company global is a huge responsibility. To start the international trading process and successfully expand, business leaders must ensure the company’s culture and technology infrastructure is a top priority. Seeking expert advice is in my top ten recommendations. This would ensure that there is reasonable development across many cultures and help you successfully thrive in the international market.

For those that aim to take their business across several languages and culture, following the tips below is essential:

1. Develop a firm foundation by hiring an international team

Whenever you are considering expansion, you should ask yourself whether the company is built on a solid foundation and whether it can attract foreign buyers and investors. However, you should consider how to harness adequate resources as well as employees so as to attain the goal. One of the major challenges of international business is the one size fits all mentality. Things are going to be different. You will be presented with additional growth opportunities. Hire a good team of human resource employees that understand the need for worklife balance.

These set of people can be regarded as human asset and not employee because they are hired mainly because of their entrepreneurial potential as well as ambition. They can also be regarded as your social innovator and change makers because they see things from the same point of view with you and would be ready to sacrifice so that your company’s vision would be accomplished.

With the aid of a solid team, you would be able to forge a strong vision and also ensure a financial as well as structural stability thereby taking your business internationally.

2. Do your market research and decide on which country for expansion

Recently, many companies have been looking to expand their business internationally in emerging markets such as Asia. As some of the fastest growing economies, these have created several new markets for ventures which are seeking for international expansion. For instance, Singapore has been ranked as the world’s second business hub according to the report of PWC Cities of Opportunities report. The search engines are filled with helpful information on the economies for global expansion.Business owners’s top priorities are to grow the customer base, protect your intellectual property and grow your business.

The country topped the as a result of its technological readiness, livability, ease of doing business as well as demographic. Because of this, Singapore has become a very good spot for several companies which are aiming to expand thereby increasing the relevance of the country as a gateway to south Asia. It is also crucial to carry out a market study so as to decide whether your business will thrive in a particular country or city.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Global


  • More opportunity for brand awareness
  • More customers = More Sales
  • Expand Market Share
  • Reduce or Share Cost


  • Initial expansion startup costs can be high
  • New regulations and rules
  • Different Cultures and Non-acceptance
  • Banking & Currency Exchange Issues


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4. Consult with a global expert to help you get things moving

To expand your business internationally is hard and the best thing is to consult specialized consultants so as to guide you on how to operate internationally. There are many pros and cons of expanding a business. It is also essential to have a global expert when it comes to expansion to help with the business plans. This will make it easy to get localized solutions for logistics, marketing and local representation.

We would also have a good understanding of the local market as well as culture so as to adapt your business for a smooth expansion. Seeking business advice is highly recommended. I would also advise getting started with someone who knows the local language when looking to expand your business internationally.

You likewise need to note that a system or product which works well locally may not be widely accepted across the globe. That’s why business owners looking to expand internationally consult with local experts that can help you to determine the demand. Besides the cultural differences in a foreign country, there will be many opportunities to dominate these foreign markets.

5. Setup an international budget and promotional plan

When expanding internationally, the budget can be a big concern. Finding feasible marketing solutions that help grow your business may not be readily accessible. However, the global marketplace does not always have to come at a hefty cost. You should start penetrating the market with your brand by using the appropriate technology as well as marketing strategy to bring about a local brand presence.

With the continual increase in the use of social media and technology, you can easily reach global coverage without going via the bureaucratic hassle of incorporation in that particular country. Coming up with an international business expansion strategy is the first task to do before jumping in.

If you are having challenge with the global expansion budget, you can employ a narrow approach when expanding globally. For instance, if you are targeting Asia, you can start with a country and later expand to other part. Choosing the appropriate strategies to expand globally depend on your business type.

However, it is crucial for you to always do your due diligence when working abroad to expand your business internationally. Having a global marketing plan template will allow you to achieve success faster. Doing business oversee is a big challenge but would be successful with the aid of appropriate business assessment as well as the best team.

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