The Ultimate Guide to Start a Retail Store Online

by Adella Pasos July 02, 2018
start a retail store online

The Ultimate Guide to Start a Retail Store Online

In most cases, the challenges business owners have is that they are not familiar with how to start an online retail business. So this guide includes all the entire steps which are required for them to follow so as to start their online retail business from the scratch.

The Business Plan

Would you start any kind of business without a business plan? If yes, you should not attempt to start an online retail store without having a business plan. A business plan is very essential when developing the necessary roadmap as well as framework of a successful business. A business plan for an online business should include the strategy that will be used for marketing, financing and advertising of the business. It is also essential for it to show how it will reach success. If you need people to invest in your business, this should be included in your business plan. All these are the essential element of a business plan and should be included.

Choosing an Online Retail Business Structure

After establishing your online business plan, you’ll have to choose an appropriate business structure. After making this decision, you can then file the entire documentation so as to make your business as well as its name legal. This is where the offline process ends; you’ll now proceed to establish your store online.

Choosing the Products You Will Sell

Your business plan would include the products which you want to sell but this step also shows a much more thorough list of your offering. It is crucial to include different products and their unique colors, sizes or other features. You’ll likewise have to decide how the products which you have chosen would be manufactured. If you won’t produce the product yourself, it is crucial to find a supplier so as to ensure the continual availability of the product or find a solution which will make you sell via drop shipping.


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Getting Bar Codes for Your Products

You’ll need UPC bar codes for each item you are selling so as to sell products to consumers via online stores. A separate barcode would be needed if your product comes in different colors, sizes or patterns. Luckily, barcodes can be purchased easily online. You can also purchase batches of consecutive codes at a discount via an online service.

Building Inventory

A decent sized inventory would be needed if you are just establishing yourself online. This is true regardless of whether your e-commerce store is your only storefront or you likewise have a physical location. In addition to the inventory, you will also need to make decision about storage. If you don’t have a warehouse to store the goods, there are some companies that can provide the service for you so at an affordable rate.

Choosing a Domain Name and Site Location

The first thing is to choose a webhosting provider; you can then purchase a domain name and set up the site yourself. However, you need to understand the technical aspect to do this. BluehostShopifyBigcommerce, and Wix eCommerce are some of the popular options for building an online store. The great thing about these sites is that they would allow you to purchase your domain and also give you the necessary tools for building the website right from the scratch.



Building the Site

Once you are through with the technical aspect of these sites, you will need to choose an overall design for your website. This include setting up the theme, product categories, header etc. you’ll also need to organize your products into different categories, and also decide if you will include blog or About Us section so as to attract customers.

Setting up the Shopping Cart

If you decide to go along with an e-commerce platform so as to help you with an online retail business, you will be able to set up your cart easily. You can likewise use hosted shopping cart software whenever you do not set up a cart. Such website would provide an enhanced security and won’t make customer turn away. On the other hand customers may be unsure of the security of the website if a self-hosted shopping cart is used and may keep turning back.

Launching, Advertising, and Marketing

Once you have established your business, your products are ready for sales and the entire bugs have been removed from your website, the website can then be launched officially. After launching, you will have to work hard on your e-commerce marketing as well as advertising strategies so as to increase your base of loyal customers.

Maintaining the Business

Once everything is set, there remains only one thing which you have to keep doing every day, the maintenance of your business. The maintenance includes managing the company inventory, making decision about new and discontinuous products and providing an exceptional customer service. Conclusively, this will require you to market your products with the aid of techniques such as sales, promotions, email etc. so as to ensure a continual success.


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