What Sports Can Teach Us about Web Hosting

by Adella Pasos June 29, 2018

What Sports Can Teach Us about Web Hosting

This article will help those who think that there is nothing sports can teach us about web hosting. Sports can teach us so many things. Apart from the fact that sport is something enjoyable and an interesting exercise. There is so much we can learn from it. Here are some of the tips they can teach us about web hosting:

1. Users lack patience

People will get frustrated if they have to wait for a long period of time before getting quality service. Users get frustrated if a web hosting company is not working at an optimal level. Most people will decide never to visit a website if the experience they had previously weren’t friendly enough.

Just like in sports, you need to do everything that will keep the user overtly entertained. It can be playing music in the background. Every web hosting service provider should make the user to feel happy, and fulfilled when using their services.

2. Experience counts

Why do people prefer to use user-friendly web host services? It is because of the benefits they are getting from it. Just like sports, make your web host to have nice features that will make people to keep coming. It is all about the experience the users get. Experience is the only thing that motivates them to keep using your services.

Do everything within your power to ensure that your site visitors are shopping securely and safely. How you present the information the users are looking for matters. This is what makes the experience truly worthwhile.

3. Reduce learning curve by adding tutorials

To be active in sports, you need tutorials. So, that players can be happy learning as they progress.  Your web hosting company should come with a tutorial. With this learning tutorial, the user will not feel frustrated while using it.

You can never go wrong with these tutorials. In fact, you will be prepared. This is a better way to learn is to be studying the instructions as you go.

You really need to be careful when providing a tutorial for your users. If you notice that they will find it quite challenging to use these tutorials, then you should do is to create a simplified video tutorial.


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4. Create an attractive interface

Most people become interested in sports if it has a good interface. For example, some people get interested to play a football, if it has a good pitch. This is so because the football pitch grabs their attention.

The same thing applies to setting up a web host. If your web host doesn’t have an attractive interface, it may not be able to motivate users. So, try your best to come up with a creative, functional interface that will be easy to navigate.

If your web host is not simple to use, and engaging, then your users will get frustrated and stop patronizing you. But if it is nice, beautifully created and simple to use, you will enjoy unlimited repeat sales and referrals. The capacity to simplify means that you will have to eliminate anything that will prevent you from using the site at an optimal level.

Your web host needs to be functioning before you can say that it is a great site, otherwise one can say that it is purely useless. Try to plan out your web host, and make sure you consider every aspect exhaustively. If users are happy with your web host, it will be popular, if not it will a total loss or useless.

5. Communication

Just like in the case of playing football, the best team wins. No team can win without communicating properly to each other. If there is no inspiring communication between them, then opposition will win. This is the case with web hosting service provider, if there is no way you communicate with your employees and customers, then your business will fail within the shortest period of time.

You must have an email, phone, live chat options, so that customers can reach you anytime they experience difficult with your services. Your web hosting business can never succeed without quality customer service. Delivering good customer experience will take your business to the next level of excellence.


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