Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Branding

by Adella Pasos July 02, 2018

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Branding

Whenever the thought about your brand cut across your mind, you should also consider your logo, website, customer experience, social media experience as well as how you attend to your customers. Your brand is the way customers perceive you and it is crucial to be aware of your brand experience and also have a plan to create the best brand experience. In a world of branding strategies, a good brand is a direct result of a good strategic plan. Many startups neglects branding and this later have a negative impact on their business. They dive right into using advertising techniques that may not be suitable for their business. This is why it is crucial to spend more time thinking about branding.

Below are some reasons why branding is important:

Makes your company look bigger

Whenever prospects come across a professional brand on a business card or social media profile, they would have an impression that the company is worth doing business with. This is because prospects seek for a company which has the resources that would help them succeed. If you present your business card and they observe it is not branded, they would think you are not worthy of their business or the fees that you feel you deserve. Brand identity design speaks volumes.

Creates a bigger identity

Majority of the professionals that offer consulting or coaching services end up building a strong brand around themselves rather than a business. Branding yourself is always a great idea if your aim is to become a public figure, however, if you want to separate the business from you for future growth or sale, develop a brand for the company. Defining your brand is a very intimate process. You’ll have to nail down your brand’s core values and put in thoughts on how you will make the brand unique. A unique brand will be one of the assets which come into play during the acquisition or sale and the gain of potential customers.

Builds loyalty and trust

One of the main advantages of branding is that you can separate yourself from other competitors in the marketplace is to have a unique brand which differentiates you in the marketplace. A strong brand promise would convey your value and also builds an emotional connection with customers; this would make them do business with you repeatedly. This kind of connection would make it easier for you to develop a long term relationship with the customers which would later result into customer loyalty.


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Conveys stability

You may be the best person offering a service or product but if you don’t have a brand or a strong brand, it implies that your company won’t last. An effective brand strategy would help to develop an image for your business. Think about your brand messages and outline the type of emotional attachments you want the brand to be connected with. A well-defined brand identity would project into the future and would provide assurance to your customers that you are offering the best.

Makes your business memorable

Developing a brand identity and using it consistently would help customers to remember who you are. Hire a professional marketing company if needed. Whenever your prospects come across your brand, they would likely contact you for information regarding your business. Every time you interact with the prospective customers, you’ll have the chance to make a connection and also create a memorable brand experience. Building your brand can be one of the most rewarding things you’ve done in your life. 99 designs walks you through the entire branding design process seamlessly.


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Shows commitment and personal pride

Investing in a unique brand identity would show that you take pride in your business and are committed to success. The customers would also believe that you are more likely to deliver the promises you make to them because a business that invest in its success will promise less and deliver more. This would create more brand loyalty as well as trust with every customer interaction.


How important is it to you, to resolve your branding problem?


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